The purpose of today’s flights was to test our current UTM infrastructure consisting of a first version of the Supervisory Control System (SCS), which is hosted on a Ground Control Station (GCS) and the Drone Automated Controller (DAC). The SCS was used to manually create task allocations, i.e., GPS locations the drone should visit. Then DAC translates this allocation to flight instructions of the drone. As this was our first field test, the tests were performed on the baseball field in Okutama. We were happy to see that our UTM infrastructure is functional.

We also analyzed some parameters of the periodic telemetry updates (GPS, speed, etc.) on the DAC. The update rate was 10 updates per second on average, and 5 updates per second in the worst case. The drone followed the specified paths with an average error of 15 cm, and a maximum error of 90 cm. The path errors occurred mostly in tight changes of direction in the planned paths.