The purpose of today’s flight was to test our Drone Automatic Flight Controller in a wider area. The GCS was set up at the baseball field and the drone started on the Hikawa elementary school. The drone flew at 5 m/s, at an altitude of 105 meter. The SCS of the GCS started the drone, which then automatically flew to the target area of the baseball field.

During this 4-minute flight, the drone followed the designated path with an average error of 6.75 cm. The highest recorded error was 24 cm, when we tasked the drone to stop and hover mid-air. By comparison, the DJI Phantom 4 measures 35 cm diagonally. The GPS update rate on the DAC was around 10 updates per second 95% of the time, and occasionally fell to 5 updates per second. Very rarely, we noted refresh rates of 3 updates per second.

We inspected our R&D Center in Okutama.